Look on the bright side!

I’m fed up of this blog just being moan moan moan/rant rant rant.  It wasn’t what I intended!

I am (or perhaps used to be?) a very positive person, and feel I should be more appreciative of the things I have, and the smaller things in life which make me smile.  Recovering from anorexia is a lot harder than I ever imagined it to be and at times I have felt incredibly down and frustrated.  This is why I wrote this list.  When I’m feeling awful and can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, I glance over it to remind myself that recovery is definitely worth it.

Here is an extensive, but not exhaustive list of things about me.

(I’m aware that sounds horribly egocentric)

I love:

* Freshly washed bedding, it’s possibly my favourite thing.

Sitting outside, eyes closed, with the warm sun on my face.

* My friend’s son, who never fails to make me smile and amaze me.

Reminiscing with friends.

* Standing underneath a lovely hot shower for as long as I want.

Giving people presents, and seeing the look on their face.

* Really cold, crisp, bright sunny mornings.

Chocolate.  In any form.

* Walking through the forest in the Autumn.

Vinyl albums and singles.

* The “light bulb effect” – when I’ve taught a child something they didn’t know before, and they really ‘get it’.

Making collages aka ‘cutting & sticking’.

* Diet coke.

Music festivals: standing in a field with my friends watching bands, and drinking lager at 9am because it’s perfectly normal at Glastonbury.

* Home Alone 1 & 2.

Jam, honey and marmalade.

* The smell of candles, matches and petrol (NB: Not good as a combination).


* Stationery.  Pens, pencils, notepads you name it.  Love it.

Music.  Indie, soul and Motown preferably.  I can’t possibly choose my favourite band, but my fondest memories are dancing and singing like a maniac with my friends at the hundreds of gigs we travelled to over the country.

* Hugging tall people.


* Singing loudly when nobody is around.

My family.  I don’t tell them enough.  They would, and do, do anything for me.

* Sudoku.

A really good cup of tea, it’s hard to beat.

* Toast.

Tea and toast.

* Photographs.


* My room being tidy (rare).

Reading a really good book which I can’t put down.

* Free biscuits in hotels.

Good packaging.  I don’t know why, I just like it.

* Going to a comedy gig and finding it’s just as good, if not better than you hoped it would be.

The smell (and taste) of baking.

* Snow days.

Colouring in.

* The fact my dog, who is absolutely ancient still looks like a puppy.  Eeek.  Not any more (R.I.P April 2012)

Drunk dancing.

* Driving with the windows down, music on, singing without a care in the world.


* Getting a parcel in the post from my friend living at the other end of the country.

Being reunited with ^^

* Being organised.

Road trips.

* Big snuggely hoodies.

Bring wrapped up warm in front of the fire when it’s freezing outside.

* Seeing how excited my Mum gets about Christmas.

Eating chocolate on Christmas morning before breakfast and not feeling guilty.

* Warm scones with jam.

The buzz after a really really good gig.

* When the sun is low and a misty pink/purple.

A smile from a (non creepy) stranger.

* Wrapping presents.

Hearing my Mum and Dad belly laugh.  I’ve made them ridiculously stressed, I love to see and hear them be happy.

* Ice cream.

The rare occasions when my hair looks how I want it to.

* Receiving compliments.


* Going out for a lovely meal.

People watching.

* Geordie accents.

The time of year when we’re finally allowed to put the fire on.

The miscellaneous:

My favourite word is dodecahedron.

My second favourite word is serendipity.

I fully appreciate a really good cake.

Masterchef, Grand Designs and Relocation Relocation are my guilty pleasures.

As are Girls Aloud.  And Justin Timberlake.

Things I’d love to do:

Gain the remaining credits I need for a full Masters degree.

Read a wider range of books.

Get a job in a school I love.


Learn to cook.

Go skiing or snowboarding.

Feel confident in heels and/or skirts.

Learn to play the bass guitar I’ve had for 3 years.

Be able to afford to move out and have my own place again.

And finally, be completely and utterly 100% free of disordered eating.


9 thoughts on “Look on the bright side!”

  1. Wahooo! I only just read this and there are SO many things that could have been written by me! Crispy fresh bedding, sunlight, kids, melons, festivals, music, family, roadtrips, photography, books, collaging, colouring, people watching, icecream, wrapping and giving presents, drunk dancing, hoodies, etcetcetc! And I’m tall! You should hug me! Just have to disagree on the sudoku’s… Me and numbers… Nah, not a good match!

    • HA!! I am absolutely without a doubt the worlds worst Mathematician (don’t tell any potential Head Teacher employers that!) so the fact that I can do Sudoku pleases me immensely because otherwise, I suck at Maths.

      Other than that, glad you liked my list – I need to read it over myself sometimes as a reminder that I’m not a complete moody miserable bugger!

  2. What a funky list! Totally with you on many of the points, especially the stationary things, I seem to have collected a whsmith warehouse.
    I saw your other tired post, but thought I’d comment on this one, to remind you that even if you’re tired, curling up in your bed sheets may make you smile. 🙂

    • Paperchase is my Nemesis. I keep buying files and file holders for nothing in particular. They look pretty though, and sit alongside my empty note books! Your comment cheered me up when I needed it so thank you, woke up this morning in semi-fresh(!) bedding feeling much better 🙂

  3. I love this! I love how you’ve taken a positive side to something so controlling and overwhelming!

    Plus, I can relate to quite a few of these things!

    • Thank you! I seem to spend so much time moaning and ranting on this blog I needed to take the time to appreciate things I actually like! Glad you liked the list 🙂

  4. “My second favourite word is serendipity.” — I think I love you 😛

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