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I’m pleased to say I’m back on track.  After a bit of an iffy month or so, and a bit of dropped weight, it’s all good now!  (I think, I’ve not actually been weighed).  After finally getting my mensies back in August, they went again during Oct and I was seriously peeved – it had been over 7 years and I was so chuffed to get it back but even a slight drop in weight obviously had an effect on my body.  Well, as of yesterday it’s back so I’m officially back on track 🙂

I’ve been in the flat properly for just over a week now, and I really do love it.  I love having my own space again and being able to eat when I’m hungry rather than waiting until 6.30-7pm when Dad’s in from work.  I’ve been living off ready meals, pasta and PB KitKat Chunkys so far, but I will learn to cook eventually, promise!  Oh, I did have a jacket potato and Chilli Con Carne one night, which kinda counts as cooking (although the chili was stolen from Mums!)

School is still hectic, and I still don’t feel as if I’m doing the kids justice.  They’re really quite tough to teach and my enthusiasm and energy is dropping every day.  Saying that, I do like the job.  The staff are nice, the kids are funny, excitable and responsive and no 2 days are ever the same so I really can’t complain but the workload is intense.  As ever, there’s a list of things I should have done and haven’t, and I feel as if I’m just scraping along and about to be ‘found out’ as a fraud-teacher at any moment.  I did survive 4 nights of parents evenings last week though so that’s a relief.  I can say it here because this blog is completely anonomous – the parents are damn scary!  As in, no teeth, burly frightening looking women!  It went without any major issues though I’m pleased to say.
I’ve got shed loads of assessment to do and next week have some courses after school followed by a ‘moderation of writing meeting’ with 3 other schools.  I’m meant to have assessed all the children’s writing and given it an appropriate level (from 1c to 5a for example) and then justify why I have decided the child deserves that mark to teachers from 3 other schools.

Slight problems being – I’ve not done the assessments, I’ve never levelled pieces of work in that way before, I have no clue how a “2c” piece of work differs from a “2b” piece of work.  I also feel like a complete idiot for not knowing these things and the school just kinda assume I do.  Basically, I can see myself turning up at this meeting looking like a complete idiot with no knowledge of assessment whatsoever and not being able to justify the marks the children have.  ARGH!  Stress.


On the plus side, it’s not too long until Christmas and our Christmas cake is already made and smells amazing so I can’t wait to dig in.  Will try and update a bit more often because I know I’ve been a crappy blogger lately x


My favourite comment of today.

Me: “What is an odd number? What makes a number odd?”

Child: “Odd is when someone sits in a corner and looks funny and reads a book who looks weird”