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I’m tired.

I’m tired physically.

I’m tired emotionally.

I’m tired mentally.

I’m tired of feeling stuck.

I’m tired of the constant battle.

I’m tired of fighting the disordered thoughts in my head.

I’m tired of eating so much when I’m full.

I’m tired of being moody and feeling selfish for being so down.

I’m tired of being unemployed.

I’m tired of having no ambition.

I’m tired of having no enthusiasm.

I’m tired of having no clothes to wear.

I’m tired of constantly comparing myself to others.

I’m tired of feeling guilty for eating so much more than others.

I’m tired of being unable to go to the supermarket without scrutinising labels.

I’m tired of my brain not making as much progress as my weight gain is.

I’m tired of having no money.

I’m tired of it all.


I have to see some positives in all this.

I’m eating more – this is good.

I have an amazing family – this is also good.

I have qualifications, even if I’m not using them.

I can see the progress people with eating disorders make, and see that maybe, just maybe, I can keep making progress too.