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I have purchased, and eaten, a Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky.

I’m fully aware that the title of this blog creates unnecessarily high expectations for a super-exciting piece of news.  But I’m afraid you’ll have to be left disappointed.

After a really difficult few days of tears, frustrations, irritability and moments where everything has just seemed ridiculously hard and overwhelming I spotted the nemesis chocolate bar in Tesco and knew I had to take my moment.

So I did.  And it was damn good 🙂

It’s not all been rosy though, my dinner was a wee bit lighter than it should have been, and I didn’t use as much dressing as I should have but to be honest, on this occasion I don’t care that I compensated.  Usually for me, if I compensate even a tiny bit that’s it – I’m on the slippery slope downwards but I’m not letting it happen this time.

The calorie and fat content of a KitKat Chunky has terrified me for a few years now, but I can finally scratch that challenge off the list 🙂