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After Monday’s interview, I heard back late last night that I didn’t get the job.  It came as no great surprise, but in all honesty I’m a lot more disappointed than I expected to be.

I’m disappointed because the actual interview went really really well, completely opposite to the car crash performance which was the previous week’s lesson observation!  I felt really good in there, got on brilliantly with the Head Teacher and Deputy Head and I didn’t leave feeling like a complete imbecile who had made a fool out herself.  Basically, I couldn’t have done any more.

When the Head Teacher called last night, she was so positive with her feedback and if anything, it made me feel worse (sounds silly I know).  I’d have preferred it if she said “You were crap, horrible, and there’s no way on Earth I would want you in my school”.  Instead, she said “We loved you, you showed yourself to be a fantastic teacher, you were engaging and creative with the class….interviewed extremely well” blah blah blah.  So if all that is true, why do I not have a job?!  I asked her if there is anything more I could do to improve my chances, and she said no.  Great.  She went on to say the person they appointed had a bit more experience, she actually said “the other candidate wasn’t better than you in any way, there was nothing you didn’t do, it just came down to experience”.  Well, unfortunately, I can’t get worthwhile experience unless I get a bloody job!  It does look like supply is my only option, annoyingly.  So I’m feeling a wee bit sorry for myself at the moment.  I’d find it easier if I messed up my interview and didn’t like the staff but it’s the complete opposite.  There are schools you just get a really good feeling about and this one was so right for me I know it.  The Head said I would have fitted in brilliantly 😦

In other news, I had my third Dietitian appointment this morning which I’ll blog about at a later date but for now all I’ll say is – I still don’t like her.

Fondant Fancies! Oooohhhhh yum.  I used to love these.  I seriously do need to learn how to bake these cakes & other goodies…or I may just take the wimps way out and buy some from the supermarket tomorrow.