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I am in need of some inspiration.

I have the same old lunch every day, pitta bread with ham or turkey and salad.  It’s safe, reliable, simple and routine.  If I’m going to recover properly, I need to push out of my comfort zone and although my evening meals are substantial, and I’m working on better breakfasts, my lunches definitely need a shake up.

I did try the other day with poached egg on rye bread which I really enjoyed but it is really hard sometimes to stray from the safe pitta bread.  Pitta’s are a step up from my previous ‘lunches’ of crumpets, English muffin or a bagel with jam so I need to up it again but lack ideas of what would be a decent lunch but not too overwhelming.

Lunches, and day time eating in general can be a struggle because it’s a meal I have full control over.  I’m at home alone during the week so have sole responsibility for choosing what to eat, whereas the evening meal is up to my parents and because it’s usually pretty big (either takeaway, chilli, spag bol, lamb curry etc) I am scared to eat a big lunch in case dinner is too big.

To anyone who reads this, what do you have for lunch?  Any suggestions are welcome!