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I had a strange thought yesterday.  It may not seem strange to some, but I actually sat and thought for a long long time about general knowledge.  There’s so much I don’t know!  It sounds obvious, you clearly can’t know everything but there are so many areas of knowledge where I’d be likely to say ‘oh, geography/politics/maths etc isn’t my strong point’.  This needs to change.  At present, I could admit to having an in-depth knowledge of chaotic eating patterns and restaurant menus.  The children I teach (or will teach, when I find a job) certainly do not need to know that.

How can I improve my general knowledge?  Where do you start?  There are billions and billions of facts, and tons of information out there – how do you make sure you retain information?

This is a strange post, I’m aware of that.  But it made me realise how oblivious I am about so many things, my head has been so focussed on food I have neglected learning about interesting, worthwhile things.  Stressing about fat/calories isn’t worthwhile, however learning about British History, or the worlds endangered species, or science and space is worthwhile.  I’m meant to be a teacher for gods sake!  Don’t get me wrong, I have decent general knowledge, and I’m also not naive – if a child asks me a question I don’t know the answer to I’ll admit it and we’ll find out together as a class so we’re all learning.

While I have the time, I’m going to make an effort to spend my days actually learning.  At the moment, I’m sat on my bum messing on the internet reading recipes I’ll never cook.  My time can, and should, be much better spent.

I hope by focussing on something, my mind will be occupied with things other than food.  I’m starting with History because it’s an area I’m interested in, although I realised yesterday my knowledge is decidedly sketchy.  I knew the Battle of Hastings was in 1066…and might have involved someone called William…but that was pretty much the end of my knowledge (I looked it up yesterday, it was 14th October 1066, where William of Normandy defeated Harold II).

In other news, I went out for a meal with a friend last night and have woken up with what feels like a food hangover.  I feel groggy, bloated and with a very dry mouth as if I’d had a heavy night drinking when in fact I was on soft drinks all night.  I did however, have the most beautiful Triple Chocolate Torte which was incredibly heavy, rich and sickly along with 1/3 of my friends “Strawberry” cheesecake which actually tasted of lemon which was the complete opposite, lovely and fresh.  Nice though!

Mine was a similar texture to this but a bigger square, with more chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream: