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Had an up and down week this week.

Last Friday was lovely, went out for cocktails and dinner with some friends I’ve not seen for a while, we sat and chatted while eating and drinking and I felt like a normal person.  We even left the restaurant we were in to have dessert at one of my favourite places (photo below, although it doesn’t do it justice!)

Saturday I went out for dinner with my brother and then to see a band we both love which was great, really nice night and although initially I wasn’t sure about the place we were going to eat (there was nothing remotely ‘safe’ on the menu – i.e sausage and mash, beef & onion pie, chicken pie etc etc) when we got there they had an amazing specials menu.  I polished off tuna steak with cous cous and an apple and apricot crumble with ice cream for pud.  The gig was brilliant, band were amazing as they always are, and we even went for ice cream afterwards because it was so hot inside!

Then to top off my weekend of eating out, we went shopping on Sunday and had tea and cake in the afternoon, then went out for dinner in the evening.  I won’t lie, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every meal – but I still feel so bloated!  Eating out is one of my favourite things to do, but then I feel guilty the days after and restrict my food to an extent.  Not enough to make me lose weight, but enough for me to know that anorexia still has a grip on me.

After a lovely weekend, we get to the week days.  Oh how long they are.  On the job front, there’s nothing.  I’m so fed up it’s untrue.  I have to be up at 7am just in case a school calls and they need a teacher for that day – but so far there hasn’t been any calls so I’m just left sat here like a lemon staring at the phone which refuses to ring.  I should be using the time wisely, I know that, but I have zero motivation and it seems the less I do, the less I can be bothered to do.  Silly.  At least it’s Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend.

My phone’s camera doesn’t make it look as nice as it was, but here’s the chocolate and peanut butter torte with peanut butter ice cream.  Deeeelish!